3 Recommended Accessories to Accompany Weight Training Equipment

There are several accessories one can use when exercising with weight training equipment. Training with weights should be done responsibly and safely and most accessories out there are intended to safeguard your health and at the same time improve the results of your weight training program. Considering weight training equipment in general can be very expensive, it's worthwhile spending a little more on these relatively low-cost accessories. In any way, health and safety are enough reason to spend that little bit extra.


Gloves are a fairly inexpensive bit of kit that can provide regular weight training enthusiast and body builders with added grip and traction, which makes the exercise easier to handle, gives a sense of control and makes exercising safer at the same time. Using gloves reduces the risk of having weights or bars slipping out of your hands whilst applying a large force. What's important to keep in mind is to get gloves that fit your hands well. It's not just a matter of size, it's the fit that's more important than anything since training with uncomfortable or badly fitting gloves is not only annoying, it can really be a hindrance. A pair with a loose fit will actually provide you with less grip than you have with bare hands.

Weight Lifting Belts

Weight lifting belts are probably more known to be used by the more advanced body builders and are generally less popular among weight training enthusiasts. They can provide great value by giving you more stability and offering support to relieve the stress on the lower back. These factors greatly reduce the risk of injury when doing the more advanced types of weight training, such as dead lifts.

Besides providing health benefits, using a weight lifting belt may allow you to lift a larger amount of weight than you would be able to without wearing one. The difference isn't huge though, so don't expect that to contribute significantly to your performance. There are different types of weight lifting belts out there:

Classic Training Belts are made of polypropylene mesh, which is a very breathable material that provides comfort and has a cam buckle/locking torque ring

Leather Lifting Belts provides back support through a contoured design fit. It's an all-leather belt which is tough and durable and has a heavy gauge steel buckle

Nylon Weight Belts have a wide and heavy duty build with a support strap overlay that provides protection for both the lower back as well as the abdominals. Added benefit is the fact that the belt helps to maintain muscle warmth

Form-Fit Small Belts are very helpful in maintaining the body's natural shape with excellent lower back and abdominal support. This type of belt is lightweight and has a memory foam core which increases comfort.

Wrist Supports

Wrist supports as such aren't specifically labeled for use with weight training equipment and are used in other sports, such as soccer/football. Wrist supports are really straps of cloth that can be wrapped around your wrists when performing exercises such as wrist and bicep curls. Protecting your wrists is vital when exercising with a large load since they're very delicate joints.

These accessories are the most important ones used with weight training equipment, but you can also choose to add gear like a good pair of rubber shoes and comfortable shirts and shorts. The bigger sports clothing brands usually have a range of clothes designed for this purpose. Whatever you buy, keep in mind that these accessories are simply aides to help your weight training program and will not perform miracles by just using them. It will still take determination and effort to get tangible results working with weight training equipment, but accessories can help you be more comfortable in reaching your goals.

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