Ergopharm 1 AD Supplement

Note: 1-AD has been banned and discontinued

For bodybuilders Ergopharm (1-AD or 1-androstene-3beta, 17beta-diol) is going to be the best thing since Creatine. It is an ingenious invention because the FDA (food and drug administration) do not consider it a steroid. It is a pro-hormone which when first discovered in the lab looked and acted exactly the same as testosterone.

They gave it a name and called it 1-testosterone because the only difference between this and testosterone is a double bond isomer in the molecular structure. The good news is that it acts 300% better than true testosterone, far surpassing the regular anabolic steroids commonly found on the market.

Ergopharm 1-AD is actually a derivative of DHT, which you might know as Dihydrotestosterone that is an androgen also proven to be 300% times more effective than testosterone, but that is the building blocks of what makes you a man. Ergopharm or 1-AD has found a way to put that same power into building muscle.

The major advantage of 1-AD is that it is unable to aromatize or alter itself into an estrogen. There are many other advantages like no "bitch-tits" or water retention, the point is that this new pro-hormone is a cut above the rest. The biggest plus is from a health point of view that unlike any other steroid, 1-AD does not affect the liver.

1-AD actually users the liver to activate the specific compound needed to enhance muscle growth, somehow the compound produced does get absorbed or assimilated into the liver. This unique inability to metamorphose puts this pro-hormone in a class of its own. The result means reduced side effects for the user.

Nevertheless side effects are common as the change in androgen levels start to happen. From skin rash, acne and hair loss to increased irritability and more aggressive behavior, one needs to seriously think of the consequences. From a health point of view it is probably the most sensible way of gaining muscle fast, compared to steroids.

Ergopharm should be started slowly and novice bodybuilders will get too strong too quickly so they should lower the dose and not take three capsules a day. One should stop taking it or slow down the dosage if side effects show themselves.

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