ErgoPharm presents:
1 AD

ErgoPharm 1-AD Boost Testosterone levels

1 Ad (1A-D) Is A Natural Hormone Made in the Body

ErgoPharm 1 AD is without a doubt the single strongest pro-hormone to boost Testosterone levels when Weight Training, Weight Lifting and Bodybuilding

 Unfortunately it is no longer available! 

The Good News - 6 OXO is the closest Non-Hormonal Anabolic available to replace 1-AD

 The Key to Muscle Growth 6 OXO  After years of research into natural estrogen blockers finally a compound that really truly works, in males, to both reduce estrogen and increase testosterone. Its called 6-OXO™.


1 AD by Ergopharm is undoubtly the strongest pro hormone ever produced, and now this second batch is even more amazing. This batch utilizes the "diol" version of the molecule, which unlike the previous 1 AD version will not irritate the stomach . 1 AD produces the same incredible muscle and strength gains without hassle because it is no longer necessary to take with food.

It's A Natural Hormone Made in the Body

One of the remarkable things about 1 AD is that in addition to its impressive pharmacological activity, it is also a natural androgen produced by the human body. This means that 1 AD is not foreign to your body, and that it can sold legally as a nutritional supplement. Additionally, 1AD’s high rate of active conversion after oral administration is not just a “theory” of ErgoPharm’s. It has been demonstrated and published in a reputable peer reviewed journal.

*These statements about 1 AD have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 1 AD is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.