100 Rep Sets Workout

If you consider yourself an intermediate bodybuilder because you don't compete and you been training for more than a year, then you need to read this article. 100 reps are the ultimate plateau buster. If you compare techniques that range from drop sets to TUT workouts, 100 reps will always get better results.

You gotta have balls to do 100's, because it is designed to push your own mental pain barrier which then enables you to perform with higher intensity when training normally. Plus, it gives you a major pump, it has now been proven that it will improve the capillarization process in the muscle.

Doing 100's will also increase your glycogen reserves, although this pump will only hold for about 20 minutes, it will increase your muscles ability to hold more glycogen in the long-term. There are some professional bodybuilders who believe it's the difference between an intermediate and advanced bodybuilding.

It needs guts, the same as doing AMAP (as many as possible), it digs deep down into the core power you have. It is because of the extremely high intensity it takes to do 100's that they should only be done a maximum of once every six weeks. Doing them more often, like three times a week will only result in overtraining, even if you're taking juice.

100's can be very effectively used to attack any lagging body-part; it is not just about compound lifts. Any lagging body-part's muscle fibers can be shocked into growth by improving the capillarization process. Your 100's should be approached sensibly and should start with about 30% of the weight you normally use for that movement.

When you get past 40 reps you should stop and then rest for 1 second between reps to slow down as you get closer to 100 reps. If you can reach 70 reps or more without needing to slow down, you should increase the weight the next time you do that movement for 100 reps.

Below is an example of a 100's workout for back and chest which could be done every 6 weeks to see a large improvement in the rate of muscle growth and the breakthrough of previous training barriers:

Sample 100 Rep Workout Routine

Incline presses 100 reps (rest 3 minutes)
Seated cable rows 100 reps (rest 3 minutes)
Cable flyes 100 reps (rest 3 minutes)
Lat pull-downs 100 reps (rest 3 minutes)
Stiff arm pull-downs 100 reps (rest 3 minutes)
Pushups 100 reps (rest 3 minutes)

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